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You think BIG - You get BIG

Innovation projects confront an enterprise with a special set of challenges: they need structures and processes that are able to support the collaboration between different departments and organizational levels, sufficient financial and time resources and an innovation-oriented business strategy. An innovation-friendly corporate culture is also a necessity in order for the business to rise to the demands of innovating. So we can say that the ability of a company to innovate and its success at innovation depend on many factors that need to be fitted together.

At BIG we see ourselves as dependable, experienced and competent partners. We support our clients not only in the early phases of preparing for innovation by doing their strategy development and working on cultural change, but also right through the realisation of specific innovation projects. BIG brings methodological know-how, experience and commitment to every stage:

BIG Success

Using BIG expertise, and drawing on the BIG team’s experience and networks across many sectors and organizational roles, we support your projects on the way to success and reduce the project risk.

BIG Methods

Special BIG methodologies help your organization reach its maximum innovation potential.

BIG Ideas

Specialists from the BIG team can reduce the cycle times of your projects and supply creative input as lateral thinkers with a view from outside your business area.

BIG Know-How

Close collaboration between the BIG team and your employees will grow the methodological competence and know-how about innovation in your business.

BIG Strategy

Support from BIG will enable you and your employees to concentrate on your own core competences and to delegate other activities.

BIG Process

Having BIG support your projects from beginning to end gives you insights into your organization and the direction of your projects, from an outside vantage point.

Dr. Hans Lercher

Dr. Hans Lercher

CEO & Founder

“At BIG we live and breathe innovation. We believe it is one of the most important survival factors for our economy. That’s why helping companies to deal with this area is something we really care about. Because we want to make sure that in Europe everyone, and all our children, can live in prosperity. Come and get to know us, out philosophy, our expertise and our methods. We are the experienced experts you need for you innovation tasks. You can trust us!”

Your Benefits:

In an initial consultation (without obligation to order services) we listen carefully, analyse your enterprise and your intended projects and tell you about our relevant experience and what we can do for you. If you wish, we will then follow up this meeting with an offer of services and a suggested plan of action. Then we can concentrate our efforts exactly where we can create the most value for your business.


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