Klaus Hraby
Dr. Lercher and BIG helped us very much to discover deep needs of our customers and to identify innovation potentials based on this. The methods they used, Dr. Lercher’s great experience in the field and competent support throughout the process were a great help for us.
Markus Dedl
Dr. Lercher and the people from BIG helped us in a big way with the innovation audit and the measures we derived from it to improve our innovation performance. For example, the innovation process, which is designed specially for us, and the innovation strategy have helped us to make sure our global organization is innovation-oriented.
Markus Dedl/CEO of Delacon Biotechnik GmbH
Philipp Mirliauntas
The training sessions with Dr. Lercher were highly enjoyable and fun but also taught us a lot of worthwhile things. Our organization benefitted greatly from them. The advice we got on a new business model for a service helped us to make it a success. The methods Dr. Lercher uses are impressive.
Philipp Mirliauntas/CEO of Prettl Electronics, Lübeck
Klaus Bartelmuss
Dr. Lercher and BIG have played a big part in ensuring that we will develop our core products in the right way for the future. His approach and the innovation methods have made our employees support the project enthusiastically. He asks the right questions, supplies a lot of good ideas and leads all the people involved to a deeper level of collaboration. For me, Dr. Lercher is an excellent partner for strategic discussions and I appreciate him and his methods very much.
Klaus Bartelmuss/CEO of IBS Holding GmbH
Dr. Brüne Cremer
I met Dr. Lercher at an event in Germany in 2013 and was impressed by his combination of theory and practical experience. Since then he has supported me in handling the innovation activities at ICL as a coach and he has given us a lot of help in reorienting the organization.
Dr. Brüne Cremer/Vice President Innovation & Communication, ICL Holding Germany
Kathrin Zenker
At Weitzer Parkett, innovation became an increasingly central topic. Dr. Lercher and the BIG team have supported us in this process from the beginning. With their methods and their years of experience they have given us perfect support and for example helped us with the development of a completely new parquet flooring solution. Together with them we also optimized our business model.
Kathrin Zenker/CEO of Weitzer Parkett
Robert Ebner
With his experience, his creativity, his ability to connect with our employees and his methods, Dr. Lercher helped us to approach the development of new products with a new vision.
Robert Ebner/CEO of Ebner Industrieofenbau
Herbert Buchinger
Dr. Lercher impressed us with his competence in his training workshops. The methods we learned in them are easy for us to use and are helping us do things better. The training sessions were enjoyable, highly informative and Dr. Lercher’s enthusiasm and experience have given us all the innovation bug.
Herbert Buchinger/Manager Q&E, Environment Manager of the Year 2011, SCA Hygiene Products
Volker Schulz
Dr. Lercher and his company BIG have been supporting us at Prettl Electronics very successfully for some time now. The innovation audit which he and his team carried out led us to new approaches and the measures we took as a result are producing good results in our innovation process. The broad experience of Dr. Lercher and the methods he uses are very helpful.
Volker Schulz/Manager of Prettl Electronics Radeberg
Michael Mühlögger
Mr. Rehklau and BIG carried out an intensive workshop with us on the topic of ‘Measuring Instruments of Tomorrow’ with great commitment and broad know-how. The methodology he introduced us to helped us to complete what we set out to do very efficiently and in fact to exceed our goals.
Michael Mühlögger/Global Business Unit Manager, AVL List GmbH
Alexander Scharnreitner
BIG and Dr. Lercher have been supporting our innovation activities for quite a long time now. Their methods for researching customer needs in B2B business have helped us very much to create services that are fit for the future and to set us on a successful course. We are very happy to work on innovation with BIG.
Alexander Scharnreitner/CEO of Daily Service Tiefkühllogistik GmbH Co.KG
Dr. Jürgen Miethlinger, MBA
Together we try to do ordinary things extraordinarily well. We are absolutely focussed on innovation. In this, we have excellent support from the BIG team.
Dr. Jürgen Miethlinger, MBA/CEO of POLOPLAST GmbH & Co KG